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Mazhil Nidhi Limited to carry on the business of all kinds and descriptions as may be permitted to be carried by Nidhi Companies in terms of the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 & that the company is limited by shares , rules made there under and to encourage, afford all facilities for cultivating thrift, savings habits and to render all financial assistance to its members, to receive, accept or collect savings or money from its members of all categories as deposits. The institution rate of interest is one of the best rates offered in the industry in comparison to Nationalized/Co-operative Banks.

Fixed Deposit (F.D), Recurring Deposit (R.D), Saving Deposit and Loan Schemes under various schemes formulated from time to time by the company and to provide Interest or benefit on the Deposits, as is fit for and beneficial to the company and to the members as per the rules & regulation or guideline of Reserve Bank of India(RBI), Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Regulatory Authority on NBFC or NIDHI.

The Principal function of the society is to render financial services to its members and to reach the nook and corner of the country through branch expansion where financial facilities have not reached

Why choose Mazhil Nidhi?


  • To be The Most Valued Trusted Financial Service Provider for general public.
  • To extend facilitated service to people in all economic zone with our easy and simple financial products.
  • To create value and make a difference
  • Growing together and succeeding together.


  • Our mission is to be “a World Class Indian Company”, benchmarking ourselves against international standards and best practices in terms of product offerings, technology, service levels, risk management and audit & compliance.
  • The Company mission itself to complete customer satisfaction through efficient, professional and courteous services.
  • To enhance the overall long term prosperity of stake holders with cooperation


Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.


Fixed Deposit Plan

A fixed deposit (FD) is a financial instrument provided by banks which provides investors with a higher rate of interest than a regular savings account, until the given maturity date.

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Daily Deposit Scheme

The minimum denomination of the scheme is Rs.100/- per day and in multiples of 100. The company reserves the right to reject any application.

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Recurring Deposit

Recurring Deposit is a kind of deposit scheme to help people with regular incomes to deposit a fixed amount daily, weekly or monthly into their Recurring Deposit account.

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Quartely income

We help to cultivate a habit of saving your hand earned money through our multiple options of Quartely income scheme.

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Savings Deposits

We encourage saving money and collecting their savings.We provides the best rates.Saving money habits will improve the quality of life and will help you feel better and to sleep better.

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Micro-credit by itself is helpful for the more enterprising poor members in economically dynamic areas. Less enterprising

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